Review: Fashion 21 Color Mood Lipstick in Mystical Mauve

I’ve been wearing red and coral-colored lipsticks for the longest time, so my mom and I went around the Beauty Section of SM Cubao to look for a nude-colored one. Naturally, I was super excited because I wanted to have keep a natural look (like I’m not wearing makeup at all) as per request of my boyfriend. LOL! He keeps ragging on the ones that I’ve been using —- “It’s too red!” or “It’s too shiny!” or “You’re putting too much!” Okay, the last one was really my fault. 😛

It was a good thing that I came with my mom; because finding the right shade will be a nightmare if I did it on my own (I am sooooo bad when it comes to matching colors with my skin tone). Anyhoo, when we got to Fashion 21, I started trying different nude lipsticks at once with Mom serving as my Cinderella mirror :). After a couple of trials, we found the perfect color — Mystical Mauve! I went ahead to the cash register and paid for it, before we change our minds and try something else (a trait we share).


~~> the color! It looks so natural on my lips!

~~> the staying power! When I drink something, it’s still there! Unlike some lipsticks, most of the color gets washed off, leaving your lips with “lip liner”.

~~> the silky smoothness on my lips!

~~> the way it doesn’t get on my teeth! LOL!

~~> the price! Only 150 pesos ($3.50)!


Nothing… so far!

The verdict:  I will definitely buy another one when I finish the first tube! LOL! I will probably try out different shades too! 🙂

How about you, have you tried other Fashion 21 lippies lately?


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